Terms & Conditions


  1. UsWe, Our or Our Brands means WP Easy Pty Ltd Trading As WPGet, WPEasy, WPEvolve, WPReach or WPTrain.
  2. Customer(s) means the person subscribing to a service of any above brand.
  3. Site means a WordPress based website
  4. Hosting means the Customers‘ web hosting service. This may be WPEasy or an external hosting service.

1.0 – Common T’s & C’s

Subject to change without notice. Last updated October 2020.

The following Terms & Conditions apply to all our brands

Item Description
1.1 – Provision of services to locations
  1. Currently, our brands services are only available to Oceania (Australia & New Zealand)
  2. Most service are provided by telephone or remote access via Zoom
1.2 – Advertised Prices
  1. All advertised prices are in Australian Dollars
  2. All prices include Australian Goods and Services Tax
1.3 – Payments
  1. All payments will be automatically debited from the saved customer’s debit or credit card on the invoice due date. We use the Stripe payment gateway. Debits will appear on the customer’s bank statement as “WPGet” or “Stripe”
1.4 – Copyright Any content provided by the customer;  including: images, video, copy, logos and audio, is the customers’ responsibility to ensure that they have the legal rights to use them on their website or digital media. We will not copy any content from other websites not owned by the customer. We will only use content directly provided to us by the customer. Any elements provided by Us will be Our responsibility to ensure that they can legally be used on the website or digital media.
1.5 – Refunds Once a project has started; there will be no refunds unless:
  1. We fail to meet acceptable standards
  2. We fail to meet stated timeframes
1.6 – Service Level Agreement Standard Service for support requests: We strive to meet the following initial response times, depending on the severity. Final resolution times vary depending on the time issues take to resolve and response times of any required third parties.
Severity Details Initial Response (within)
Non-Urgent General questions or advice, content changes or updates, plugin installations, Google or Social Media tracking codes etc. 8 business hours
Urgent Website is online but is not displaying properly 4 business hours
Critical Website is offline or has been hacked 2 business hours
1.7 – Hours Of Operation Standard “Business Hours” are Monday to Friday 8:30AM to 5:00PM (Australian Queensland time). Above SLAs are based on these “Business Hours”
1.8 – Agency Plugin licenses Any Agency Plugin licenses provided by Us may be used free of charge while you have an active plan. If you terminate you plan, any Agency licenses may be revoked. In which case you would need to purchase your own licenses

Service/Product specific Terms & Conditions